The people skills of a great property manager

As much as property management is about protecting a financial asset and abiding by the relevant law, above all it’s about people.

In fact, a key attribute of a great property manager is people skills which can be the differentiator between a poor, average or great rental experience.

Here’s an insight into the people skills required of a great property manager…

A good judge of character

Those with good people skills also tend to be a good judge of character and this is essential for great property management.

The ability to gauge the character of someone helps with selecting the right renter for the right property, and also assists when it comes to effective communication.

Stellar communicator

On that note, effective communication is essential to a positive rental experience. 

This communication will be proactive, not reactive, and will be clear, concise and relevant, ensuring all parties know exactly what’s going on.

Solid people skills underpin this ability to communicate.   

All-important empathy

Good people skills always start with empathy and the ability to position yourself in someone else’s shoes.

When a property manager has empathy they have the ability to understand the perspective of all parties in the rental process.

Ultimately, this allows for better communication, win-win outcomes, and better management of the property overall.

It ensures small issues are resolved before they become big problems, and the rights of all parties are considered and protected.

A little negotiation

When a property manager has people skills that include empathy and good communication, they have the ability to negotiate great outcomes for everyone involved in the rental process.

They have the capability of putting themselves in the shoes of both the owner and the renter and can liaise with each party to achieve win-win results.

Ultimately, this protects the value of the property, while also ensuring each party feels valued, heard and understood.

And while knowledge of the law is essential, as is the commitment to looking after the asset, it’s people skills that separate the average property managers from the great.

When you have a property manager with people skills looking after your asset, you can rest assured there will be good communication, true empathy, an ability to negotiate, and a commitment to achieving great rental outcomes that benefit everyone involved.

How we can help

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